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Chacras de Coria

The history of the city Chacras begins in 1568 with the marriage of Juan de Coria Bohórquez Yanez Beatriz Palma, there laid down there the first farms and renamed by the locals, Don Coria’s farms.
For 1812, Farms has 194 inhabitants. Two years later, the school tax Chacras had 67 students in reading and 57 writing. In 1861, 20 March, was the great earthquake that destroyed the church and the schoolhouse of Mercy. On January 30, 1889, establishing the police station. In 1893, the Farms station is named “Paso de los Andes.”
Residential area that includes: old houses, modern houses, mansions, artisanal wineries and numerous restaurants, bars and night recreation sites.
It has a picturesque central plaza that brings together artisans and antique shops on Sundays, where you can also enjoy music, puppetry and street musicians. Facing the square is the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (1935), neo-colonial architecture, its main altar and side are carved in stone, the roofs are characteristic of poplar and banks were made by prisoners in jail.
Notable personalities in literature, politics, the arts and sciences were born or chose to live Farms: Dr. Benito Marianetti, Dr. Edmundo Correas, Dr. Carlos Levy, Dr. Francisco Correas, Galina Tolmacheva who was a pioneer theater in Mendoza, Victor Delhez prestigious engraver, among others. There is also a lot of artists from different disciplines.
This villa, with relaxing between murmuring irrigation ditches and profuse vegetation, making it preferred to rest. Just as the nearby presence of numerous clubs becoming a classic night for youth and tourists.